Baraza HRM Product Overview


Access to:
Self Service Desk:
  • Dashboard
  • Employee Details
  • Staff out of office/on leave
  • Apply For Leave
  • Job openings/Internships applications
  • Generate CV
  • Generate Payslips
  • Petty Cash Requests
  • Employee Tasks on Projects

Human Resource Management for

  • Employee management
  • Leave management
  • Performance management
  • Posting of available vacancies
  • Training scheduling
  • disciplinary issues and their actions
  • Defitions of:
    • Organizations and Locations/Branches
    • Departments
    • Banks and their Branches
    • News and Emails
    • Entities and Salary Scales
    • Approvals actioned by admin


    • Generate Payroll
    • Configure Allowances, Deductions
    • Define Statutory Deductions
    • Expenses
    • Loans and Advances MAnagement
    • claims and reimbursements


    • Definitions of Projects
    • Signed off Clients
    • Tasks and Task Allocations
    • Generate Timesheets
    • Time and Attendance Management


    • Asset Management
    • Budget Allocation
    • Raise Invoices
    • Manage Sales and Purchases
    • Manage Payments and Receipts
    • Requisition Management
    • Automatic Posting to Journal
    • Petty Cash Mmanagement


    • Customisable reports
    • Staff Reports
    • Review Reports
    • Leave, Employees, Contracts, Arbitration etc

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    Subscription Product Overview

    Subscription Steps:

    To subscribe to the system:
    • click on “Request for a subscription”
    • Fill in all required fields on subscription page
    • Provide a valid email address.
    • Login credentials will be sent to your email.

    Subscribe for:
    • free access for organizations with 5 or less employees.
    • After evaluating the system you can download the open source version
    • You can also request for a quotation for the hosted platform or for any deployment or feature requests
    • host with us on highly secured servers
    • no need for hardware
    • implementation training and delivery
    • customization to conform to your business needs
    • system support